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Rookwood History

Housed in the former studio and manufacturing facility of the world-renown Rookwood Pottery Co., The Rookwood Bar & Restaurant opened its doors in 2008. Featuring a menu of freshly prepared food and craft beverages.

A source of pride for every Cincinnatian, this unique Mt. Adams location housed one of the greatest ceramics brands the world has seen.

Rookwood pottery was started in the late 1870s by Maria Longworth Nichols Storer as a way to market her hobby - the painting of blank china. Through years of experimentation with glazes and kiln temperatures, she eventually built her own kiln, hired a number of excellent chemists and artists who were able to develop premium color glazes that could be applied on a massive scale.

Each era of Rookwood work has its own unique character. From the “matte glaze” to the “iris” and “tiger eye” glaze, Rookwood Pottery was always on the forefront of new techniques.

Though the company closed its doors in 1967 after years of turnover and relocation, its products never lost their value. Today, Rookwood pottery is highly sought by private collectors and museums.


Romel Wells

Rommel Wells

Director of Beverages and Spirits

Joseph R. Creighton

Joseph R. Creighton

Owner/Creative Director

Kevin Tucker

Kevin Tucker

General Manager

Tom Fitzgerald

Tom Fitzgerald

Director of Special Events

Jeremy Luers

Jeremy Luers

Executive Chef


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